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Our Own House Hunters Experience

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Yep, we finally found a place to live!

During the initial stages of our big move from California to the Virgin Islands, our friends and strangers have commented on how we are like the House Hunters people on TV. You know how some couples watch a certain type of TV show together and bond that way? Well, House Hunters International was it for us. Some people watch cooking shows, design shows, singing shows, or criminal ones. We are the ones more likely to watch ones like House Hunters, Naked & Afraid, Man vs. Wild or something adventurous like that. It was an interesting experience to have our turn house hunting.

Since the day we arrived last month, Tim and I have searched for an affordable place to live. The first place we went to see was a studio in Magen’s Bay that offered some amazing panoramic views of the ocean and Tortola in the distance. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first about the studio. It was a little colder than I was used to. There was no carpet, dark furniture (black), and no color on the walls. The part that my husband liked most about it was the amount of balcony space it offered and the breathtaking view of course. I thought it was very serene and breezy, but I wasn’t sold.

We checked out a larger unfurnished two-bedroom home by Mahogany Run and a couple more toward the north side of the island, but the condo proved to be a difficult trek to get. Our friend brought us to her condo to see if we could take over her lease, but as soon as we drove to the place down a crazy steep hill, I felt like I was going to keel over in the SUV. When we drove up the hill, well…we didn’t get up at all. Tim and I thought maybe it needed a lighter load, so we got out of the car and attempted to walk. Our friend took off up the hill! The SUV nearly arrived at the top and then it started backing down the hill again toward Tim and I. We were trying to yell at our friend to figure out what was happening so we wouldn’t get run over! It was a little scary and funny to think back on. I was disappointed because the kitchen space was just perfect. It was clean and not too far from the resort for Tim’s job. And there were several tenants on the same property. It was my first choice that’s for sure. That hill was killer though. Our older Lexus model is built like a tank and would most likely lurch more than I would be comfortable with controlling. Plus the wear on the brakes of the car….Boo.

A couple of weeks went by and it was almost certain that the studio was a no-go. I guess I didn’t feel as safe due to the secluded private area. Being such an aesthetics-driven gal, I felt torn because it was a good deal and Tim was set on it from the beginning. The decor was just not my cup of tea. I had to shop around more and realize it wasn’t going to get any better than the Magen’s Bay studio. The house hunting here is tough due to not many places being on the market for long. We scheduled two showings and the day of and the night before we planned to go see these great places, they were snatched up! Just. Like. That. It was frustrating, but we felt God was closing the doors on these places. Surprisingly, the studio was still available weeks later. The prospective tenants that planned to put a deposit down decided on another larger place for their growing family to our great fortunate. It was really the Lord’s provision over our search. It took awhile, but I warmed up to it little by little and our Realtor was just so thorough and welcoming. I realized the studio was our best bet.

We are scheduled to move in one week from today and boy will it be a relief, especially for Tim! He needs separation from work and somewhere to go home to that actually feels like home. I, however, can live here a little while longer until the move. Can ya blame me?

P.S. Now, don’t be confused about the big beautiful buildings above! The first photos are that of The Ritz on Tim’s first day of work. That beautiful house with the blue shutters is right next to us in our studio. I couldn’t resist a photo. 🙂

Elydia xoxo


Caribbean Blue | Finally in St. Thomas

Hello, longtime no blog! We are finally in St. Thomas!

It’s been a busy few weeks adjusting to St. Thomas, USVI. We arrived in mid-March and I think there has been only a dozen mosquitoes that have chomped on me. The island breeze is a natural air conditioner, my hair is so much more manageable, and I haven’t driven since I left the mainland. I know I haven’t updated the blog in almost a month. I’m so bad! But, I have taken photos with my phone to document the adventures we’ve had thus far. So, I haven’t totally forgotten about this blog.

The first set of photos are from my first week here. I have been staying at The Ritz-Carlton St. Thomas where I am enjoying resort life for the time being. My husband’s new gig has taken us here. It’s been a fun and exciting dream come true! We are very happy to be away from the hot, dry, barren desert called Borrego Springs. Although, we do miss the people we’ve worked with and familiarity of daily/weekly routines. Life here is definitely slower than any other place I’ve lived. It is surprisingly faster than what I thought it would be like in terms of pace, but it’s most definitely chill and easy-going compared to the states.

As you can see above, the water is simply immaculate with its clear blue color and open skies of fluffy clouds. I can just sit and look out at the horizon while reading all day. Just give me that amazing guava juice they serve in a pitcher, a lawn chair, and my kindle. I’ll be all set! Now, I can see why Enya sang about it in her song “Caribbean Blue”. It is unlike any other body of water I have visited. There is a mystique and welcoming warmth about the Caribbean that draws you in. I feel like going out on a big voyage or trek to search for some hidden treasures! I’m sure it has somewhat to do with watching one too many pirate movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, Hook, and The Count of Monte Cristo. I have to be honest though, returning to such a magical beautiful place after a few years, I feel like I am discovering a new world again.

Elydia xoxo

Melted Caramel + Stripes

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetJ.crew Oxfords  • J.crew Shorts  • J.crew Necklace  J.crew Belt  • Banana Republic Top



One more day of work after today!

I am nearly done packing. The only things left are my shoes, pants, and accessories–yay! It’s a great sign. It means I have downsized enough to the point where packing will have taken just an hour or two.

Today, I decided to dress up a little more Parisian Preppy with some gorgeous brown caramel shorts and patent oxfords. I was looking at the forecast for St. Thomas, USVI and it looks like 80 degrees is the temperature across the board with 50% humidity! I am going to be sweaty no matter what I wear probably. If it’s anything like Florida (duh), I’ll be soaked most of the day.

The stripe top is très Français, n’est-ce pas? No wonder it’s a wardrobe staple, most notably in the French sense. The whistle necklace from J.crew is the cherry on top. It brings a fun sporty-casual vibe. The pop of red is from J.crew of Yore just like the oxfords. Now, I wish I was back on the streets of Paris getting lost.

Anybody visit the new J.crew in Paris yet? It’s on my top J.crew location stores to see. Hopefully, one day soon!

Elydia xoxo

The Go-To Chic

10706724_435039676646129_1299595266_nSam Edelman Booties • Forever 21 Jeans • J.Crew Bag • J.crew Jacket • Banana Republic Top

I was looking through some of my past outfit posts for March and spotted this outfit that almost every girl probably thinks to turn to when there isn’t anything to wear.

The formula: Stripe top + Army green coat + Cognac boots + Cognac bag + Blue jeans = Go-To Chic

I’ve been gravitating towards simpler pieces which are overall easy to mix and match. I used to wear really bright colors and used the color-block trend heavily for my daily outfits, but the minimal trendy has swept me away with it! I want to wear Autumn colors year-around now! Ha!

These Sam Edelman cognac boots are just a great investment. They ran a half size large for me. The color is perfect. The fit was surprisingly comfortable. My feet are medium so if you’re narrow-footed, I recommend sizing almost a whole size down. I can still wear very thin socks comfortably with my current size.

The great J.crew Downtown (I want to write Downton Abbey) jacket is so comfortable and has a great shade of olive. It’s thin, but when layered, can be a nice alternative to a denim jacket.

This lovely cognac Margate bag by J.crew is so butterfly soft. It has great gold-plating and a roomy rectangle shape.

Is this similar also your go-to idea for inspiration?

I hope you have a lovely one!

Elydia xoxo


Happy Daylight Savings Time! Did’ya wake up late?

What a busy week it has been! My husband and I are moving to St. Thomas, Virgin Islands soon and we’ve tried to pack everything into boxes. The car has shipped so we’ve walked to work and borrowed transportation. I haven’t started using my regular camera yet. Everything is being packed away so for now, please bear with me as I use my iPhone to post photos. I can’t believe I haven’t been using my camera. It’s been several years–yikes! Anyhow…

I started using Instagram a couple of years ago. I am very much a photo type of gal and it’s my favorite social media. Pinterest comes in a close second! This week is all about food. Here’s what I happened to eat this week:

  10985981_558285557619985_1017088035_n 11055410_778283655599891_419468121_n11018557_1384537851863608_1804616442_n11022869_909536125734771_967296827_n

  1.  My husband and I visited our favorite local Thai restaurant calledThai Smilein El Paseo. I had the Tom Kha Gai soup as an appetizer and is so tasty. I’m going to miss good Thai food when we move to St. Thomas. Maybe I’ll find a hole-in-the-wall joint that will be a gem.
  2. This vegan doughnut from Whole Foods was sprinkled in sweet crystals and some yummy glaze. You will find in the future that I have a thing for desserts and the photographing them.
  3.  This pretty bowl of tofu curry is also from the same restaurant I had my soup. My husband always orders vegetable curry with brown ice. He also declares he will order what I have since it’s so delicious, but ends up getting the veggie curry!
  4. Yes, dessert again from Whole Foods again. My co-workers have known me to bring them goodies. I rarely eat them, but this time I wanted to buy a fancier bunch. They all thought the tarts and cakes were scrumptious. I didn’t eat one. Yes, I can control myself.

I hope you all had a fab week.


Better Late Than Never

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It tastes way better than it looks!

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

The dolmas were pretty darn good too.


A Quick Jaunt to the Farmer’s Market:

Yesterday morning, my husband and I were rushing to town to pick up some moving boxes from the local grocery store. We passed by Christmas Circle where the Borrego Springs Farmer’s Market was being held. Sadly, it was the first and last time we had ever visited the local farmer’s market. Tim quickly spotted a Baba Foods hummus stand and was immediately drawn in. He’s a big fan of hummus and will try nearly anything Mediterranean when it comes to food. As soon as we arrived at the hummus stand, two Arab men were vigorously selling their homemade hummus. There were at least five different types ranging from basil and garlic to red pepper and classic. I’m a little embarrassed to admit, but we spent about $30 at the hummus stand. The way they bartered with Tim made me chuckle. I could tell they were honing in on his eagerness to buy. They threw in a tub of tabbouleh, a stack of Greek pita bread, and garlic Parmesan pita chips. It was a difficult bargain to refuse.

Last night, I came home and made a run for the fridge to our stock pile of hummus. I went for this amazingly delicious rainbow dip. It had a green layer of basil pesto on top of the sun-dried tomato mixed with feta cheese. I dipped the garlic Parmesan into the rainbow flavors and it was heavenly. Half of it is left, but I had to hold back. It was so darn good. I am craving some now as I type this. If only we knew sooner, we would have stocked up throughout our time here in Borrego Springs. Better late than never, I guess!

The last photo is also from the local open air market. Ever since I began living in the desert of Borrego Springs, I’ve come to appreciate succulents. They’re easy to take care of, look great just about anywhere whether it be on a table, window sill or in front of your house. They are a beautiful and neutral way to decorate if you can’t decide on a flower.


The First Hello


I’m Elydia. I’m 27-year old Californian born and raised. I’m married to a most fun and kind man of God. We have moved around more often than usual due to the industry he works in, the hotel business. It’s been such a long time since I posted anything in writing. It’s time I start.

I have thought about blogging again due to my lack of writing in a journal over the past few years. There is a big gap between when I met my husband until now. I guess I got too preoccupied with the exciting time of being married. And after working ten hours or so a day with kids, I just want to go home and veg-out on the sofa. Plus, I’m a lefty so my hand gets all this lovely ink smeared on it and quickly gets sore. Thank goodness for the modern-day keyboards! After playing the piano for many years, it has helped my typing skills. I definitely type faster than I write.

What I hope to blog about is just about anything from food and style to life and faith. I can’t promise daily posts with no spelling errors (spell-check is my friend) or flawless photos. I want to make a conscious effort to inject part of me in my words and photos so you can feel what I feel. I want to leave each post with a bit of my essence.

I know it’s easy to start, but difficult to keep going. The pressure to do daily posts and make them as interesting as possible was a sure way to make my blogs extinct before. I need to just relax; post what I feel like posting. You know, post what catches my fancy.