The First Hello

by Elydia


I’m Elydia. I’m 27-year old Californian born and raised. I’m married to a most fun and kind man of God. We have moved around more often than usual due to the industry he works in, the hotel business. It’s been such a long time since I posted anything in writing. It’s time I start.

I have thought about blogging again due to my lack of writing in a journal over the past few years. There is a big gap between when I met my husband until now. I guess I got too preoccupied with the exciting time of being married. And after working ten hours or so a day with kids, I just want to go home and veg-out on the sofa. Plus, I’m a lefty so my hand gets all this lovely ink smeared on it and quickly gets sore. Thank goodness for the modern-day keyboards! After playing the piano for many years, it has helped my typing skills. I definitely type faster than I write.

What I hope to blog about is just about anything from food and style to life and faith. I can’t promise daily posts with no spelling errors (spell-check is my friend) or flawless photos. I want to make a conscious effort to inject part of me in my words and photos so you can feel what I feel. I want to leave each post with a bit of my essence.

I know it’s easy to start, but difficult to keep going. The pressure to do daily posts and make them as interesting as possible was a sure way to make my blogs extinct before. I need to just relax; post what I feel like posting. You know, post what catches my fancy.