by Elydia

Happy Daylight Savings Time! Did’ya wake up late?

What a busy week it has been! My husband and I are moving to St. Thomas, Virgin Islands soon and we’ve tried to pack everything into boxes. The car has shipped so we’ve walked to work and borrowed transportation. I haven’t started using my regular camera yet. Everything is being packed away so for now, please bear with me as I use my iPhone to post photos. I can’t believe I haven’t been using my camera. It’s been several years–yikes! Anyhow…

I started using Instagram a couple of years ago. I am very much a photo type of gal and it’s my favorite social media. Pinterest comes in a close second! This week is all about food. Here’s what I happened to eat this week:

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  1.  My husband and I visited our favorite local Thai restaurant calledThai Smilein El Paseo. I had the Tom Kha Gai soup as an appetizer and is so tasty. I’m going to miss good Thai food when we move to St. Thomas. Maybe I’ll find a hole-in-the-wall joint that will be a gem.
  2. This vegan doughnut from Whole Foods was sprinkled in sweet crystals and some yummy glaze. You will find in the future that I have a thing for desserts and the photographing them.
  3.  This pretty bowl of tofu curry is also from the same restaurant I had my soup. My husband always orders vegetable curry with brown ice. He also declares he will order what I have since it’s so delicious, but ends up getting the veggie curry!
  4. Yes, dessert again from Whole Foods again. My co-workers have known me to bring them goodies. I rarely eat them, but this time I wanted to buy a fancier bunch. They all thought the tarts and cakes were scrumptious. I didn’t eat one. Yes, I can control myself.

I hope you all had a fab week.