Caribbean Blue | Finally in St. Thomas

by Elydia

Hello, longtime no blog! We are finally in St. Thomas!

It’s been a busy few weeks adjusting to St. Thomas, USVI. We arrived in mid-March and I think there has been only a dozen mosquitoes that have chomped on me. The island breeze is a natural air conditioner, my hair is so much more manageable, and I haven’t driven since I left the mainland. I know I haven’t updated the blog in almost a month. I’m so bad! But, I have taken photos with my phone to document the adventures we’ve had thus far. So, I haven’t totally forgotten about this blog.

The first set of photos are from my first week here. I have been staying at The Ritz-Carlton St. Thomas where I am enjoying resort life for the time being. My husband’s new gig has taken us here. It’s been a fun and exciting dream come true! We are very happy to be away from the hot, dry, barren desert called Borrego Springs. Although, we do miss the people we’ve worked with and familiarity of daily/weekly routines. Life here is definitely slower than any other place I’ve lived. It is surprisingly faster than what I thought it would be like in terms of pace, but it’s most definitely chill and easy-going compared to the states.

As you can see above, the water is simply immaculate with its clear blue color and open skies of fluffy clouds. I can just sit and look out at the horizon while reading all day. Just give me that amazing guava juice they serve in a pitcher, a lawn chair, and my kindle. I’ll be all set! Now, I can see why Enya sang about it in her song “Caribbean Blue”. It is unlike any other body of water I have visited. There is a mystique and welcoming warmth about the Caribbean that draws you in. I feel like going out on a big voyage or trek to search for some hidden treasures! I’m sure it has somewhat to do with watching one too many pirate movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, Hook, and The Count of Monte Cristo. I have to be honest though, returning to such a magical beautiful place after a few years, I feel like I am discovering a new world again.

Elydia xoxo