Our Own House Hunters Experience

by Elydia

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Yep, we finally found a place to live!

During the initial stages of our big move from California to the Virgin Islands, our friends and strangers have commented on how we are like the House Hunters people on TV. You know how some couples watch a certain type of TV show together and bond that way? Well, House Hunters International was it for us. Some people watch cooking shows, design shows, singing shows, or criminal ones. We are the ones more likely to watch ones like House Hunters, Naked & Afraid, Man vs. Wild or something adventurous like that. It was an interesting experience to have our turn house hunting.

Since the day we arrived last month, Tim and I have searched for an affordable place to live. The first place we went to see was a studio in Magen’s Bay that offered some amazing panoramic views of the ocean and Tortola in the distance. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first about the studio. It was a little colder than I was used to. There was no carpet, dark furniture (black), and no color on the walls. The part that my husband liked most about it was the amount of balcony space it offered and the breathtaking view of course. I thought it was very serene and breezy, but I wasn’t sold.

We checked out a larger unfurnished two-bedroom home by Mahogany Run and a couple more toward the north side of the island, but the condo proved to be a difficult trek to get. Our friend brought us to her condo to see if we could take over her lease, but as soon as we drove to the place down a crazy steep hill, I felt like I was going to keel over in the SUV. When we drove up the hill, well…we didn’t get up at all. Tim and I thought maybe it needed a lighter load, so we got out of the car and attempted to walk. Our friend took off up the hill! The SUV nearly arrived at the top and then it started backing down the hill again toward Tim and I. We were trying to yell at our friend to figure out what was happening so we wouldn’t get run over! It was a little scary and funny to think back on. I was disappointed because the kitchen space was just perfect. It was clean and not too far from the resort for Tim’s job. And there were several tenants on the same property. It was my first choice that’s for sure. That hill was killer though. Our older Lexus model is built like a tank and would most likely lurch more than I would be comfortable with controlling. Plus the wear on the brakes of the car….Boo.

A couple of weeks went by and it was almost certain that the studio was a no-go. I guess I didn’t feel as safe due to the secluded private area. Being such an aesthetics-driven gal, I felt torn because it was a good deal and Tim was set on it from the beginning. The decor was just not my cup of tea. I had to shop around more and realize it wasn’t going to get any better than the Magen’s Bay studio. The house hunting here is tough due to not many places being on the market for long. We scheduled two showings and the day of and the night before we planned to go see these great places, they were snatched up! Just. Like. That. It was frustrating, but we felt God was closing the doors on these places. Surprisingly, the studio was still available weeks later. The prospective tenants that planned to put a deposit down decided on another larger place for their growing family to our great fortunate. It was really the Lord’s provision over our search. It took awhile, but I warmed up to it little by little and our Realtor was just so thorough and welcoming. I realized the studio was our best bet.

We are scheduled to move in one week from today and boy will it be a relief, especially for Tim! He needs separation from work and somewhere to go home to that actually feels like home. I, however, can live here a little while longer until the move. Can ya blame me?

P.S. Now, don’t be confused about the big beautiful buildings above! The first photos are that of The Ritz on Tim’s first day of work. That beautiful house with the blue shutters is right next to us in our studio. I couldn’t resist a photo. 🙂

Elydia xoxo